Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rockefellerin' around the Christmas Tree

Here are a few ways I would recommend to watch the Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Center:
  • Perform in the ceremony on NBC (one of these days...)
  • Camp out from 8:00 am.
  • Somehow get yourself invited to a VIP party on the ice rink so you can mingle with Real Housewives, Yankees Players, and actors from"30 Rock" (I am currently jealous of a particular friend of mine who sent me the following picture of his front-row view).

      I would not recommend taking the following steps:
      1. Leave work at 6:15.
      2. Get to 53rd and Fifth Ave at 6:45.
      3. Get trapped in crowds of people shuffling to the tree for a good half hour.
      4. Pretend you work in 30 Rock and need to get to the building to finish working (not my idea).
      5. Try to use your Rockefeller card that gets you 10% off at J.Crew as an ID to prove that you work in 30 Rock.
      6. Get questioned what streets the entrance is on that you need to get into.
      7. Answer "oh um Rock center" (again...this was not me).
      8. Get laughed at.
      9. Have the same conversation with twenty different security guards and members of NYPD.
      10. Realize you are not going to get close to the tree at all.
      11. Decide to go to TGIFridays for Potato Skins and large drinks.
      12. Notice the Potato Skins have 2070 calories and that they are trying to sell cheeseburgers for $18.29.
      13. Leave.
      14. Walk out the service stairs and almost enter the dishroom.
      15. Walk back up and down the correct stairs.
      16. Walk around in circles/crowds for another hour since half the streets are closed and you aren't allowed to cross anywhere.
      As close as I got before getting yelled at to "keep walking" by NYPD.
      I *would* recommend the following steps:
      1. Walk to 54th and 9th Ave.
      2. Go to El Centro.
      3. Order the Tropical Margarita and two entrees because you can't decide which to get.
      4. Fill up on chips and salsa.
      5. Eat a few bites of each entree.
      6. Take the rest home for lunch tomorrow (okay and for the next day).
      7. Walk home.
      8. Watch Glee.
      I still had a good time and can really visit the tree whenever I want until they take it down.  The weather ended up being nice and there was plenty of "Erin walking around time" in case there were any talent scouts hanging out looking for me.  (PS - I'm right here and ready for my reality show, please don't hesitate to contact me.)


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