Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Happy New Year!  Here are some views of Times Square around noon yesterday.  Yes, I was crazy / curious enough to check it out, thinking it might not be so bad 12 hours in advance of the holiday.  No worries, I didn't start any fights with the millions of slow-moving, annoying, loud tourists.

Favors for people who don't mind looking ridiculous

Stages set up for the TV broadcast

Hope these people enjoy standing there for the next 12 hours

Where the ball drops from - I was told it was up there already...
I don't see it!!  Anyone??

The real treat of the day was randomly coming across THE NAKED COWBOY!  Oh yes, this man who walks around Times Square in his undies with a guitar probably makes about $500,000 a year for celebrity appearances, endorsements, and for marrying couples as "The Reverend Naked Cowboy."

He will not be making an appearance at *my* wedding.


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