Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Winter Needs to End, Pt. 1

Okay, so I gave winter a chance.  I even walked outside and took pictures the first time it snowed and I thought it was beautiful.  But winter has taken way too much advantage of me lately.  It has snowed every week.  This is not acceptable and I need March to get here ASAP.

One of the best things about nice weather:  drinking on and around boats.  Sabrina, Nicole, and I were pretty good this spring and summer about enjoying Thursday night happy hour almost every week at either the Frying Pan or Boat Basin.

Frying Pan

Frying Pan is on Pier 66 on 26th Street and 12th Avenue and is made up of a few different old boats that you can walk in between.  It's super fun but when it's nice you have to get there early to get a table.  And make sure you grab a lot of extra chairs for people planning to show up later, they are a hot commodity.  The burgers and fries there are good, they have buckets of Corona, and it's a great place to watch the sun setting over Jersey.  It is also fun to guess people's ages as they walk by and it is a great conversation starter when you accidentally yell 32 at a 27 year-old and they realize what you were saying.

Boat Basin is on 79th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam.  They let me order a $3.50 turkey sandwich from the Children's Menu, they have seemingly unlimited popcorn and/or chips, and have frozen margarita pitchers.  Win, win, win.

Another great place to drink on boats is on an actual Booze Cruise.  This would not be a weekly event like a Thursday night happy hour, but rather for a special occasion, like when four of your good friends have a birthday around the same time.  We went on one last September and it was still one of my most favorite nights in NYC.  Open bar, dance floor, and great photo ops with awesome friends.

Drinking with Lady Liberty
Talking with other boats in the river
One of the birthday boys
Yay College Buds
Baby, you're a firework

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