Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Winter Needs to End, Pt. 3

Please pay no attention to the fact that all three of these reasons have been about drinking...but the third thing I'm looking forward to once winter ends are Biergartens!

One of my favorite things to do with a big group of friends is hang out all day and/or night at a biergarten, or as you Americans say, a beer garden.  Beer gardens are ridiculously fun and super casual.  They all have outdoor seating, long picnic tables, tons of beer on tap, and soft pretzels.  The environment is fun, laid-back, and really loud.  My friends and I always bring cards (preferably of the Disney Princess variety, obviously) and electronic Catchphrase.

On Fridays, we wear stripes

Standard Biergarten (Meatpacking District) is a new beer garden under the Highline park.  It is owned by the Standard Hotel and has an interesting payment system.  Instead of paying at the bar, you buy tickets at a ticket booth and everything there is $8, whether it's beer, wine, sausages, or whatever.  They also have a photobooth and that automatically boosts up my opinion of any place.

Loreley is on the Lower East Side on Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie.  This place has German beers on the menu you've probably never heard of but the waitresses will let you know what tastes just like Bud Light so you will be all set.  The cheese platters, pretzels, and bratwurst here are all awesome.

My favorite beer garden is actually outside of New York City (gasp!) but I have to talk about it anyway because it is that good.  It is Zeppelin Hall Biergarten in Jersey City and it is easily accessed via the PATH system.  I know all New Yorkers think that NJ is really far away, but I promise, it's just across the river and Zeppelin Hall is a great way to discover the great land of Jersey.  This biergarten has seating for eight-hundred people so make sure to bring all your friends.



  1. remember that ginger we met at standard biergarten? i still have nightmares about him - what were we referring to him as again?

  2. Agent Orange? Wasn't he wearing orange on his shirt...and his hair?

  3. Ahahaha, yes! Agent Orange! I miss him.


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