Monday, February 21, 2011

Blades of Glory

Today I was able to knock yet another item off my 26 list.  This item was also actually on my Holiday To-Do List (President's Day counts as a holiday, right?!) AND my NYC To-Do List - is that cheating?  I had a successful ice skating experience at Citi Pond at Bryant Park this morning!

This picture was taken at 6:51 am...
A lot of items on my 26 list are "successful" blah blah blah - successful ski trip, successful sushi experience (check to both from my 25 list); successful camping trip (will probably be transferred to my 27 list) as a redemption for experiences I had when I was younger which didn't go exactly as planned.  I *think* the last time I ice skated was with my Girl Scout troop way back in the early '90s.  The way I remember it, I tried it, fell a few times, and quit so I didn't get hurt anymore or embarrass myself further.

More sweet kicks
For some reason, getting hurt and being embarrassed doesn't matter to me anymore so I decided to sign up for a volunteer opportunity through work (also an item on the list, to volunteer more) to help out with an ice skating event in Bryant Park.  Last night I was hesitant about my decision to sign up because of the forecast for those dreaded words, "wintry mix", also known as snow/rain/sleet.  Luckily, it ended up just snowing - did you ever think I would say it was lucky that it snowed?!  I was thinking I was going to sit out for a little and watch people first but one of my friends convinced me to get out on the ice right away. 

Do I still look like Tonya Harding?
It was awesome!  I picked it up pretty quickly and ended up staying out on the ice for about three hours - in spurts of course, since there were breaks for presentations and ice-cleaning.  Here's the most amazing part.  If you know me, you might fall out of your seat right now...I only fell once! 



  1. your ice skating picture is SO cute!! i hope you are documenting each item on your list so you can print out the pics, caption, compile them, & make a coffee table book ;) or at least something to show your children à la how i met your mother. missyoumuch, xx!

  2. thanks boo! and yea, i'm going to do something, not sure yet what. working on composing my 27 list now. open to suggestions ;)


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