Monday, August 22, 2011

Did I Gutter?!

One of the best decisions I made this summer (although there really were so many) was to join a Zog Sports bowling league with some of my coworkers.  Zog Sports is an organization in NYC (and in other cities) that organizes different sports leagues and the winners of the leagues get money donated to a charity of their choice.

Photo courtesy of C.A.
Our team name was an Erin original, "Did I Gutter?!" in the style of "Did I Stutter?!"  The season was six weeks long with a finals week.  We were somehow in second place going into the finals, which probably had something to do with the team who eventually won the finals forfeiting to us one week and our handicap of 60 points per game after the first week.  We started off each Wednesday with an intense pregame like all-you-can-eat wings / all-you-can-drink beers at Mudville or $3.50 margarita's at Latitude and then continued with beer towers and lemon drop shots at the alley.

Some of my favorite moments:

  • Creating team member nicknames such as "Captain Jack Spare-O", "Britney Spares", "Eliot Split-zer", and "Strike Tyson".  I was "LeBron Frames".
  • Sprinting down 9th Avenue after pregames that went a few minutes too late.
  • Sprinting through the Duane Reade on a last-minute search for socks.
  • A dance party the first week that may have resulted in a small concussion for one of our team members.
  • Doing yoga moves on the lanes.
  • Being  told by one of the waiters that he was going to base a character off me in his screenplay.  I still can't figure out if this is a good or bad thing.
  • Telling another of the waiters who had a less conventional first name than Bob or Jim that I had the same name as him.  Talked about "our" name for about five minutes and then he decided I was lying.  Showing him my ID to "prove" it and then acting like I thought he had said "Erin" was his name, even though at that point I had repeated his name at least twenty times.
  • Bowling in any and all available lanes after our games and getting reprimanded by the bowling alley staff for it.
  • Meeting my soulmate who bowls the exact same way as me (dance moves, doing splits and falling down in the follow-through).
  • Ordering nachos that did not come with cheese on them, complaining to the waiter, being told by the waiter that they didn't have cheese on them because it doesn't specify "with cheese" on the menu, even though definitionally, nachos have cheese on them, saying "fine", then looking at the menu and saw the menu DOES say "with pepper jack cheese" on it.  Complaining for weeks.  Ordering them the final week of bowling and having all my teammates say, "yea Erin, actually the nachos DID have cheese on them that week." 

I am actually really thankful that the league is over.  Thursday mornings were rough.  But I could definitely see this being a next summer thing, too.  Maybe I will practice in the meantime so that I can eventually break 80...I wish I were joking.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Summer

When I am bored on the subway, I do one of three things:  play Angry Birds, eavesdrop on tourists' conversations, or go through my photos on my iPhone or my camera.  I recently realized there were so many pictures from this summer that I hadn't shared with you guys (does anyone still read this?) that might not be worthy of their own complete blog entry, so I decided I am going to do a seasonal download of these random pictures that I think are worth remembering.


I have gone to a lot of rooftop bars this summer, mostly post-work during the week.  A few of the new places discovered this summer include are Rare, Latitude, & Lucy's, all of which have excellent happy hours.  (Well, all except Lucy's, which only has happy hour specials inside but the prices are regular on the roof.  Woof.)

A view of the Empire State Building & the Chrysler Building from Rare (37th & Lexington):

A view of the buildings around Lucy's Cantina Royale (34th & 8th) RIGHT before a giant thunderstorm started and we had to all huddle under the small tent over the bar and had to walk to bowling completely drenched:

I also enjoyed this picture I took while sitting outside waiting for the Bryant Park Film Festival to start because you could see the reflections of other buildings perfectly in the windows of this building:


My college roommate, Georgia, just moved to the city this summer and I was super excited to meet up with her in June for drinks and food at Central Park Boathouse where we enjoyed the beautiful view and fantastic presentations of expensive appetizers and meals:

Nicole, Kristyn, and I finally tried the brunch at 44 1/2 (44th and 10th) that Nicole and I pass all the time and enjoyed the following:

Kat organized for a big group of us to go to Ditch Plains' crab boil the other night (read about my other experience at Ditch here).  Two crab boils in one summer?!  I couldn't BE more lucky:

Only in New York:

This summer marked when the New York Senate approved gay marriage (woot!).  Before the vote was finalized, the Levi's store in Union Square had this incredible window display:

After the vote, there were "Pop-Up" Wedding Chapels in Central Park where couples could go to tie the knot:

For Hoboken Crew Ladies' Night in July, we decided to go to Lucky Strikes to try out some bowling but instead stumbled upon a Puma Bowling Shoe party complete with Pete Wentz randomly playing DJ:

And only in New York would a tree wear a sweater in the extreme August heat:


Monday, August 8, 2011

Mondays, Music, & Movies

It is really necessary to get out of the city in the summer once in a while as I mentioned before in my Hahhhhmptons post, especially when it is as consistently hot (read: sweaty and gross) as it has been the past few weeks.  Luckily, for those of us who still need to be in the city during the week, there are lots of fun outdoor events to reward you for sticking it out in the hot hot concrete jungle.  Two of these events are Central Park’s Summer Stage and the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival.  Last Monday I did the former, this Monday (today) I did the latter.

Summer Stage has been running for 26 years and this summer over 100 shows are being put on in 18 different parks around Manhattan and the boroughs.  Most of the shows are free, but for some of them tickets are sold, and the money from those shows helps fund the free performances.  Emily had gotten tickets to the last Monday's show and invited Sam, Gillian, and me.  I hadn’t actually heard of the performer, Lykke Li, when I accepted the invite, but I did my homework and studied over the weekend so that I wouldn’t feel like too much of a goober at the show.

Lykke Li is a Swedish singer and songwriter who I can best describe as Indie Pop and best compare to Florence & the Machine.  After a pitcher of beer, fried pickles, Philly cheesesteak eggrolls, and boneless chicken wings, and NO Justin Timberlake sighting (boo) at Southern Hospitality, the ladies and I wandered into the park and followed the music to enter the concert venue.  It was hipster central with a few randos scattered in who just wanted to hear the music, including a couple next to me with a combined age of 160.  Even though I clearly didn’t know the majority of Lykke Li’s music, it was really enjoyable and she is an incredible performer.  You should also check out her Pandora station.  Every song on it is amazing.  I’m adding Lykke into my rotation and finally giving Bruce and Taylor a little bit of a break this summer.

My favorite songs that you need to download:

“Let it Fall”
“Little Bit”
“I Follow Rivers”
“Sadness is a Blessing”

This summer, the HBO Film Festival has featured such classics as “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, and “Easy Rider.”  Today, Kat, Emily and I went to Bryant Park to watch “Airplane” on the lawn of the park with hundreds of other people.  The lawn opens up at 5 and fills up pretty quickly so you have to be kind of aggressive with how much space you take up since you will end up with half that amount by the time the movie starts.  Our show started a little after 8:30 and began with a few previews and a Looney Tunes cartoon.  We were a little nervous about being able to hear the movie well, but once it started, everyone quieted down (with the exception of the obnoxious drunk girl in front of us every few minutes) and we could hear every perfectly cheesy line.

In case you want to check it out, next Monday, August 15th, is “High Sierra” and Monday, August 22nd is “Dirty Harry”.  Let me know if you have found other cool events / festivals that I should go to before the summer ends!

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