Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Fall & Winter

Remember when I gave y'all a mini download of some of my iPhone pics from around the city in August?  Now that it is officially Spring, here's a roundup of some of my favorites from Fall & Winter.


Bethesda Fountain on a beautiful fall day in Central Park:

A tree in Columbus Circle decorated for the holidays:

The view from my office building downtown of midtown:

The Empire State Building from near Paint Along NYC, the night of Nicole's and my art class:

The buildings from Central Park on a nice January afternoon:


Chocolate Bacon during the holidays at Trattoria Cinque in Tribeca:

What a "schmear"of cream cheese looks like at Russ & Daughters, the day Aubrey and I went to the New Museum:

A warm evening in January when I ate Shake Shack outside by myself on a Friday night:

A menagerie of beverages at Cornelia Street Cafe, one of my favorite brunches in the West Village:

Only in NY

A visit to Occupy Wall Street in the fall:

Graffiti done by a giraffe?

Playing with bubbles in Central Park:

A Central Park reminder of dangerous thin ice on the warmest day in January in years:

A note in the guestbook at the Museum of the City of New York:

Can you feel it????


Monday, March 19, 2012

Get More NYC | "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler"

Last week, I decided to pick up another book to read, in addition to the five other books I'm in the middle of (I'm not joking and will list them out if you request it).  This book has been on my mind for a really long time actually and I hadn't read it since I was in elementary school.  It is "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler," which in my opinion, is a terrible name, but a fantastic book by E.L. Konigsburg about two children from Connecticut who run away to NYC and live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a week.  It was always a childhood thought of mine how cool it would be to live in the grocery store and I guess a museum would be a lot more classy, but also a lot more scary and with fewer bags of double-stuffed Oreos to consume. 

At the time this story takes place, it was still free to get into the Met.  Now, the recommended donation is up to $25.  Children under 12 can still get in for free, so Claudia and Jamie would have gotten in alright.  The children keep their violin and trumpet cases in an urn and a sarcophagus that still remain in the museum.  The bed they choose to sleep in and the fountain in which they bathe are no longer there - maybe this really did happen and the museum decided it should get rid of these things so that others would not want to move in.  Maybe they could use the one outside the museum if they want to move back in.

Claudia and Jamie follow different tour groups around while they are there so they can learn about the Egyptians and the Italian Renaissance which is exactly what I would do if I lived there.  I've actually thought that if I were ever to switch careers or go back to school and find myself with summers off or things they call spring and winter breaks that it would be cool to pick a few galleries a day and go through the entire museum.  Claudia and Jamie left after a week so they did not get to go through the whole museum, but they did a good job while they were there. 

My favorite quote which of course still stands true to this day:

"If you think of doing something in New York City, you can be certain that at least two thousand other people have that same thought.  And of the two thousand who do, about one thousand will be standing in line waiting to do it."


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just Because I'm Irish

Just Because I'm Irish
~ Jonathan Richman & Julia Sweeney ~

{YouTube link}

Just because I'm Irish, he thinks that I should know
Every Irish bar in Manhattan
He who was born by Galway Bay
Where they socialize more than we do here in the USA

Just because I'm Irish, which he says he should have known
By my name Sweeney, and Irish that I am
Doesn't mean I know each Irish bar
So smoky and so dark
I'm more likely to be seen in Central Park

Now Julia, have you ever been to Leary's Pub down on 14th Street and Broadway?
Um, no, no
You haven't...have you ever been to Reagan's then, it's down on 8th Street?
Uh, no I haven't
Then in East Village we have Douly's....have you been there?
No, I'm sorry I...
How long have you lived in New York anyway then, Julia?

Just because I'm Irish, he thinks that I should know
Every Irish bar north of SoHo
Just because he comes from County Clare or County Cork
Where they socialize more than we do in rush-around new York
Just because I'm Irish, which he thinks he's supposed to know
By something Irish in the way I smile
Doesn't mean I know each Irish bar
Here in midtown New York
I'm more likely to be seen in Central Park
She's more likely to be seen in Central Park


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Village People

RG has been calling me a West Village wannabe for a few months now.  I can't help it.  The West Village is my current dream world.  I can't stop thinking about living there one day.  I don't think I'll be able to swing it with my next move, but perhaps with the next one I can get a nice brownstone townhouse on Commerce Street and live my days walking the quiet streets, wandering into small book stores, going to poetry readings, and eating at the 9,000 cupcake and gelato shops there.

So when Kat and I decided to take a Stray Boots "text message tour" through an area of the city, it was only natural to pick the West Village tour.  Some other options (which we may do another time) were the Financial District, The Met, Times Square, and Harlem.  We got together to strategize (read: gossip) during brunch at Cornelia Street Cafe and then walked to the arch in Washington Square Park to begin our journey.

The tour was basically a scavenger hunt which sent you to different places and asked you questions about each place that you had to answer in order to get the next clue.  Then the website interface would give you some cool facts about the place you just were:

 Some of the places we were taken on our tour / hunt:
  • Washington Square Park
  • The Silversmith, a jewelry store with the address of 184 3/4 West 4th Street
  • Northern Dispensary, a public clinic where Edgar Allen Poe was treated
  • McNulty's Rare Teas and Choice Coffees
  • The building where Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey are supposed to live on Bedford and Grove
  • Murray's Cheese Shop
  • Chess Forum, where we were asked the color of the pieces in the exotic bird chess set
  • Cherry Lane Theatre
  • The Stonewall Inn
The village was definitely a good choice for the tour because there is so much history there and so many small streets and corners that you may never end up going to on a normal day's walk.  Plus, it is FREAKING ADORABLE.  My second favorite discovery of the day was this awesome mural that includes four of the coolest people who have ever lived.  (My favorite discovery of the day is the ice cream further below, duh.)

We did end up "cheating" a couple times in the game.  The first was right in the beginning when we were told to "ask a New Yorker" what NYU finance students throw at the statue of Garibaldi at the beginning of the school year.  Since we didn't know the answers as New Yorkers ourselves and assumed people around wouldn't know, we googled that it was pennies.  The second time was right after that when faced with this clue:

We didn't know if Bobsting was a typo or what and figured that there must be a library around the park but gave up too early in our search.  Turns out, as google told us, there was Bobst Library at the corner of the park and we walked in to find out the answer was "written wisdom".  The third time wasn't really cheating because we didn't find the answer online and still had to guess.  This clue was at the Comedy Cellar and it wasn't our fault we couldn't answer.  Stray Boots asked us how many Wayans brothers had performed there and we didn't see the apparent poster that was about the Wayans Bros and had this fact written on it.  It must have been taken down at some point after this game was last edited. 

The tour was really a perfect way to spend the day.  We also took a few sidetrips on our walk:

A puppy shop where these chihuahuas were snuggling:

The Cones store (272 Bleeker) where Heidi Klum likes to get ice cream:

Molly's Cupcakes at the end of the day where we played real-life Words with Friends:

I couldn't have picked a better way to enjoy our extra hour of daylight.

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