Sunday, October 28, 2012

a hell LOVE a WORLD: Holland Countryside

Okay folks, this will be the last entry about my Euro trip and then I will return to the fabulous happenings of NYC (although we are currently hunkering down for Hurricane Sandy and I am trapped in an apartment for potentially three days and nights with two of my best friends but more on that and if we are still friends later).

One of my last days in Amsterdam, I went to the cutesy little touristy town of Zaanse Schans because I *had* to see a windmill. And when I say this is a touristy town, I really mean, I don't think I have done anything more touristy in NYC...I went to a Dutch clock museum and a wooden shoe museum which is probably something that 90-year-olds do but I loved it. I also climbed up to the top of a windmill and did not get caught in any of the sails by the straps of my overalls - is that from a cartoon or did my crazy mind make it up? I wasn't *actually* wearing overalls.


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