Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Writing & Why My Excuses Are All BS

I've been finished with my 28 Things project for 24 days now and all I can do is make excuses for why I don't need to write. Not only have I not been working on this here blog, but I have also forgone my other life projects. I need to stop making the below excuses to myself.
  • "I'm too tired" - Um, you are TWENTY EIGHT not EIGHTY EIGHT. You've always thrived on little sleep and sometimes, yea, it catches up to you, but you're generally okay. You can sleep when you retire at age 35 when you sell your 'N Sync website from your teenage years for $1.1 billion to Yahoo or when you meet Prince Harry at a bar the next time he comes to NYC.
  • "I haven't had time to do anything fun" - Um, you have actually had *too* much fun this month, young lady. Maybe if you spent less time combining day-drinking with night-drinking, celebrating holidays with tequila, and making happy hours last past midnight, you would have time to do some things you can write about.
  • "I've been on jury duty" - Um, your days of jury duty were basically the easiest you've had in the last six years. All you have to do is sit there and wait, nobody wants to talk to anyone, and they have wifi at the courthouse. You could have easily written a Twilight-quality novel in this time. 
  • "I should be planning my trip to Italy" - Um, you have done squatola in terms of making any decisions for the trip except for choosing to fly Delta and putting the hotel rooms on your credit card to earn more SkyMiles. You have rejected your cousin's long, thought-out email about Rome with a response of "This is too long, I'm not reading it" and you have replied to all your sister's and parents' emails with "Yea, sounds good" instead of anything of merit.
  • "It's springtime, who wants to be inside and write?" - Um, the weather went from too cold for spring to too hot for spring way too quickly. It's been much nicer the last few weeks to sit Native-American style on your couch in either your zebra-print snuggie or in front of the open window with a fan and a bowl of ice cream, depending on the extreme weather situation of the day.
  • "Nobody reads my writing anyway" - Um, who the heck cares if they do or not?! You started this blog with no intentions that anyone would read it and just as a way to chronicle your time here on this damn planet. If nothing else, your future children cats will read it when you are old and realize that you were once fun before they messed up came into your life.
I promise to return to my projects in the not-so-distant future. I have some ideas for fun touristy things to do this weekend when the city is supposed to empty out a little bit. If not for me, I should at least do it for my future cats.


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